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Namaste, Welcome to Hindi - Free and Easiest Typing Tool for Hindi Language. Type in English and Get in Hindi !

How to use Hindi Typing Tool ?

Type in English and Get Hindi Text: Simply put any english text inside the curly Box above in English. Example:

Yo Mero Phone Ho : यो मेरो फोन हो |

After typing the word / line, press enter or hit the space button and see the magical tool by Hindi Typing in Action. You can copy the text in Hindi Language or simply export the converted text in a TXT file by hitting the 'Save to a File' Button.

Examples for Hindi typing words.

  • dhanyawaad = धन्यवाद
  • sambidhan = संबिधान
  • romantic = रोमान्टिक
  • samaye = समय
  • grihakarya = गृहकार्य
  • vidyarthi = विद्यार्थी

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Understanding Hindi Alphabets

In Hindi Language/Hindi Alphabets, there are 13 vowels and 33 consonants characters. Let us begin by understanding the Vowels and Consonants in Hindi Language.

  • Vowels - In Hindi, they are also known as `Swar (स्वरों)`. There are two types of vowels. The first one is an independent vowel, which is used at the beginning of a syllable. The second one is a dependent vowel, which is used when the vowel follows a consonant.
  • Consonants - In Hindi, they are called `vyanjan (व्यंजन)`. They are normally considered to have a basic form which consists of a consonant pronounced with an inherent ‘a’ sound. The table below shows 33 consonant letters and their pronunciation.

Some key features of Hindi Alphabets that we should understand -

  • It is written in Devanagari script which has its origin in Brahmi script.
  • Hindi Language is written from left toward the right which is the same as English and Nepali.
  • Each character in Hindi has their own grouping by drawing a horizontal line over the characters to make a word. For instance (क, ख, ग). For example, two words are written as - हिन्दीमें लिखते हैं.
  • Hindi has its own numeral system which is useful to write numbers and count items. Pronunciation of Hindi numerical are somewhat similar to Nepali and other Devanagari based scripts and languages. For example: १, २, ३, ४, ५, ६, ७, ८, ९, ० .
  • Each letter in the Hindi alphabet has its own independent and distinct sound. This means, Hindi words are pronounced exactly as they are written. Therefore, Hindi is much easier to learn and speak.
  • In English we use periods or a full stop to denote the end of a sentence. However, in Hindi language, we use a dot (।) to signal the end of a sentence.
  • Hindi language was originally known as ‘Hindi’, which evolved from the ancient language of Sanskrit.